harajuku lovers

help a girl out -- i'm still puzzled over this ad in the june/july issue of nylon! it's for a company called laundry/sunny girl california, and their clothes feature a really cute heart logo with the word "love" inside. but when i go to their website, it's a japanese company with no info on how to get the clothes unless you're on meiji street in the harajuku!

look what they say: "we offer to create 'cheap and rough california style.' " i want it.


to have and to hold

one of my dear friends from high school is due to become a new mommy at the end of the month -- baby gift time! i was browsing the infantwear at nordstrom and came across the coolest little onesies from a label called monsters with sideburns. trompe l'oeil headphones and pacifiers hang around the kid's neck on a couple. but my favorite is the one that says "pick me up" and shows thumbs where you hands should go. don't know if the mom-to-be would like them, or baby-on-the-way for that matter. maybe it'd be better to start off with the classics and let him develop his own sense of style. still, monsters with sideburns: they clothe hip children.