yes to smoochie

i love my light blue fiorucci zip-up hoodie with the angels on the back -- it's the same one alex mack wears in a scene from "ten things i hate about you!" now fiorucci is the latest brand to team up with target. to mark the occasion, you can send a fiorucci smoochie to the boy or girl of your dreams. i picked "2 shy 2 say hi" for my sweetheart. what about you?


so jealous

today's "person i wish i could be" is actually two: tegan and sara quin. first, they're twins, every girl's dream (at the very least until teenhood hits). second, they're rock stars. with cool haircuts and clothes. third, and most immediate: they appear in a cute new psa for peta2, asking very nicely, "if you wouldn't wear your dog, please don't wear any fur."