the softie

i've been lucky enough to receive an advance copy of rose melberg's upcoming album, cast away the clouds. she's still an angel. after tiger trap, the softies, and her first solo album, this follow-up to portola is just as precious as anything she's ever done. and might i say, she's looking equally huggable -- that is, if music could be hugged. but usually it's rose's voice that just wraps around you.


truth in advertising

in need of a daily puppy and kitty fix? head over to cute overload, where cuddliness rules and the objects of your affection drool. the bulk of the photos are priceless.


say hello to your friends

less than a month away: the official release of the new graphic novel based on baby-sitters club book #1, kristy's great idea. you can pre-order on amazon, but rumour has it some bookstores in the u.s. and canada are already selling copies. raina telgemeier's drawings get an a-plus for adorability -- we hear the book's worth it for claudia's outfits alone.