yummy the peepshow

it's peep season! new this year from just born: sugar-free chicks made with splenda, cocoa bunnies, and GREEN CHICKS! we like these even better than the purple ones, although they tie with pink ... and you can't beat the original yellow.


cab for cuties

this article from the AP jump-started adorable sunday! nissan is marketing the pino, a tiny cute car for girls that's actually just a slight redesign of the cheaper suzuki alto.

i found this interesting:

... in most countries, experts tend to advise against making autos pink or adding other "cute" features to appeal to female drivers partly because that may smack of sexism and turn off women -- except in Japan.

it does seem like a turn-off, and i'm actually not so into the look of the pino. maybe it's the dorky guy posing next to it in the photo? or am i losing my cute radar?