MOO is an awesome way to put your stamp on cards and stickers -- upload pix from Flickr and you're on your way to making personalized invitations, labels, whatever. but if your own snapshots aren't exactly stationery-shop material, MOO has collected designs from a bunch of professionals that come in ready-made packs. i'm itching for the minicards from lara cameron (above) and the stickers by blanca gomez (below). too pretty, too cute.


grey and red all over

those dudes at fred flare sure know their cute. nice face is one of this year's 'next big thing' winners with the lovely grey striped jersey dress pictured above. as chris and keith would say, it's a-doorbell. but before you add this sweetie to your ff shopping cart, check out the nice face etsy shop. whitney g. from portland, maine has a bunch of other frocks and tops to choose from. you pick the color and size, and she'll make it! it's all reasonably priced and (i can say from experience) super cozy. these are clothes to wear when you want to feel super special.